Malaysia's 1st
Licensed Durian Investment Company

Scheme Highlights

Accessible Investment Entry

Scheme Period

Agricultural Security

Capital Guaranteed

Guaranteed Pre-Harvest Returns

High Returns

Financially Audited

Appointed Trustee

Appointed Independent Consultant

Invest Today For a Better Future

No. of Trees:

How it Works

Durian Capital Berhad covers 200 acres of Durian plantation for the 1st phase of our scheme

Investors purchase interest units equivalent to 1 tree. In total, 8,000 Musang King trees are planted

Plantation returns are aggregated and distributed according to number of interest units held

Durian Capital handles the end-to-end management of Musang King trees, from farm to distribution

Investors stand to reap projected returns of 7x ROI within the investment scheme period of 15 years

Durian Capital Investment Scheme

Licensed Under the Interest Scheme Act 2016

The Durian Capital Investment Scheme is the first of its kind in Malaysia to be regulated by Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) under the Interest Scheme Act 2016.

Reap Your Returns, Pre-Harvest

While harvesting Musang King Durians are worth the wait, we give investors a taste of their returns from the first year itself through our supplementary crops. Up until the 5th year when durians are typically harvested, investors stand to reap their rewards from our allocated 30 acres of supplementary crops.

Guaranteed Buy-back

Investors earn peace of mind when we offer a guaranteed buy-back of their capital in the 15th year. Guaranteed buy-back, returns multiplied, and future brightened.

A Safe & Transparent Investment

We are serious about investor security. Which is why we have an appointed Trustee which is responsible for monitoring the rights and interests of our investors.

Our Plantation

Led By Durian Experts

Our farm experts bring decades of experience and the latest best practices in durian cultivation. They are supported by our expert advisors from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), that cover areas such as crop science and plant protection.

Modern Irrigation System

Smart irrigation system and sprinklers are installed for each sapling to enable consistent and optimum water supply with measures against waterlogging and flooding.

Drone & Data

As a new generation durian plantation, we adopt drones and unique QR codes for census reports and the maintenance of our durian trees.

Optimum Soil Nutrition

We use nutrient-rich fertilisers to enhance soil fertility, from bio-organic matters that are sourced in-house.

Farmers' Welfare

Our farmers' welfare is at the core of everything we do. We ensure they adhere to health and safety protocols, and provide them with modern living facilities, including laundry service as well as the provision of 5 meals a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is agriculture a safe investment class?

Agriculture as an asset class has become a “safe haven” investment destination for a number of reasons. Increasing global population, the rising middle class and increased efficiency in trade due to digitalization and advancement in tech for agriculture which had enabled the sector to outperform most asset classes.

What is the value of the Durian Market?

USD 18.72 billion in 2019. Expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.2% to reach USD 30 billion by 2025. In Malaysia the durian market is valued at USD 1.27 billion (RM5.15 billion) across 73,740 hectares of plantation as of 2018.

Who are the key buyers?

  • Global, regional, and local F&B companies that produce their own durian based products
  • Supermarkets & Restaurants
  • Specialized stores
  • Durian traders and importers

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Hear What Our Community Has to Say

Chong, 53, Penang

The sales consultants at Durian Capital guided me through each step of the investment registration process, which was very thoughtful for first-time investors like myself. They offered a seamless and thorough registration process, from sharing my own personalised returns table, to assisting with any queries I had on the Prospectus.

Amira, 31, Kuala Lumpur

As a mother, my children mean the world to me. I was thrilled to learn that my investment in the Durian Capital Scheme would allow me to start saving for their education and a brighter future. This is a hassle-free and secure investment plan that I’d highly recommend to all parents!

Siva, 39, Johor

Agricultural investment had always been rewarding and stable, but it would always require a high capital. Which is why I was glad to find out about the Durian Capital Scheme! I’m pleased to find a safe, licensed agriculture investment which was accessible, and I look forward to a fruitful investment journey with Durian Capital.


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