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Market Size

Durian Market Size

The global durian fruit market size was estimated at USD18.72 billion in 2019. It is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 7.2% to reach USD30 billion by 2025. In Malaysia alone, durian production levels have hit 341 million kilograms across 182,216 acres nationwide.

In a move to accelerate industry expansion, Malaysia has begun expanding its Musang King variety in China, via specialized stores and local street markets. These activities aim to drive the consumption of fresh durians in the region.

Source: Grand View Research

Durian Market in China and Asia Pacific Region

China dominates the market for fresh durian demands, hitting an import volume of 360 million kg valued at over USD 1.82 Billion in 2019. A new-found demand for the creamy texture of the Malaysian Mustang King variety in China has led Asia-Pacific to become the fastest-growing region for fresh durians. China accounted for 65% of the total share in import value in 2018, with a total imported quantity of 431,940 metric tons of fresh durians during the year, as compared to 224,382 metric tons in 2017.

The demand for the fruit has reportedly emerged as an essential topping on pizzas and hotpot broths along with an increased usage of durian pulps and pastes in the food service industry. Thus, the market for Musang King is expected to be robust and continue rapid growth well into the future.

Source: 27 Group: Outlook of Durian Industry in Malaysia – Second Largest Exporter of Durian in the World

Durian Capital Investment Scheme

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Invest in your future today from RM10,000/unit

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Fixed period of 15 years

Agricultural Security

We have trees in reserve to minimise your investment risk

Capital Guaranteed

Guaranteed buy-back of capital at Year 15

Guaranteed Pre-Harvest Returns

From Year 1 - 5*, investors receive a fixed 3% return on investment value per annum
*3% Interim Yield or 30% Share of Revenue (Whichever is Higher)

High Returns

Projected returns of 7x ROI and high Annual Average Returns as compared to other investment products

Financially Audited

Crowe Malaysia conducts a financial audit yearly

Appointed Trustee

UBB Amanah Berhad is responsible in monitoring the rights & interests of investors

Appointed Independent Consultant

A farming expert produces a farm report every 6 months

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